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“Straightforward and easy to digest, this is one how-to that every new author or publisher should have in their arsenal!”

Brooke Warner

Publisher, She Writes Press

“The learning curve is so steep in this business. Not only do you need to know how to design, produce, promote and distribute a book; you must also be an expert at what I’ll call the “minutia” of publishing. You could spend — and waste — dozens of hours figuring out how all this works. (That’s what I did!) But why wouldn’t you just read Wogahn’s book?”

Wendy Thomas Russell

Publisher and Co-Founder, Brown Paper Press

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“When I first reviewed this book back in 2014 I said it was very detailed with a comprehensive list of reviewers. But this new edition takes it to a new level. Not only are their more reviewers, there is a whole new section with book reviewer businesses and lots more helpful information about getting book reviews.”

Christine Sherborne

Publisher, Colourstory Publishing

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“Hi David! I am so very grateful to you for your response, as well as your courses. I’ve had your voice bouncing of the walls of my home all day. 🙂 Your feedback is a goldmine! Its an uphill battle and every hand that reaches down to help pull me up is like a fresh drink of water in a scorching desert! LOL :-)” Tia M. | Course Rating: 5/5 | Author Rating: 5/5

“For my needs the limit of the course is that it’s expressly designed for the American bookselling market. I live in Italy and some things are very different. Anyway some suggestions have been very useful.” —Abrianna G. | Course Rating: 3/5 | Author Rating: 4/5