I provide author coaching and consults on:

  • Book distribution
  • Book launches & re-launches
  • Self-publishing imprints
  • Metadata optimization
  • Book reviews

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I have a book that’s been out in the market for over five years. I’ve been on television and radio and I thought I had done everything that needed to be done in terms of marketing. Boy was I wrong! David opened my eyes to all the ways I was missing out on selling and building an audience. I loved how specific and in-depth his advice was for me. David got me to see what my mission was and then he walked me through all the steps I needed to take to make my vision a reality. Thank you, David. I wish I met you five years ago!

Georgette Todd

Foster Girl

David walks one through decision points in the most collaborative, friendly, and collegial way possible–you feel is he is always doing his best and using his decades of expertise and experience to help you to publish the best book possible.

Glenn Levine

Master Clinician and Professor of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine | Chief, Cardiology Section, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center

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“I was most impressed with your deep command of the self-publishing business model.  For me, the event shifted my thinking about self-publishing from, ‘why in the world would I ever pay for a vanity press approach,’ to ‘why in the world didn’t I see that David is talking about a whole new way of publishing?’  Thank you for giving me a new perspective and helping me to pivot my publishing game plan.”

Jack Gregg

Sample Topics

Book Distribution

  • Amazon, IngramSpark, or both?
  • Using KDP Print for paperbacks
  • Amazon Advantage and Look Inside the Book
  • Amazon SellerCentral (Marketplace) to sell books
  • Getting self-published books into bookstores
  • How and when to use eBook aggregators (Bookbaby, Draft2Digital, Smashwords)
  • Apple iTunes, Kobo (Walmart), B&N, Google Play
  • Foreign (non-U.S.) distribution options


Book launch; re-launch

  • Amazon advertising (AMS)
  • KDP Select, or just KDP?
  • Pre-order planning and book setup
  • Advance reader copies (ARCs) and blurbs
  • Book reviews: free, paid, Amazon customer reviews
  • Email marketing and email list building
  • Developing pre-order bonus gifts and ethical bribes
  • Book sale promotions

Self-Publisher Imprints

  • Re-publishing books
  • Naming an imprint
  • Do you need a legal entity?
  • Use in publishing
  • ISBNs and barcodes
  • Library of Congress (PCN, LCCN, P-CIP)
  • Using Bowker (MyIdentifiers.com)
  • Changing/adding imprints
  • Websites and domain names
  • Using an imprint with an existing business


Metadata Optimization

  • Category selection and using this to attain bestseller status
  • Keyword selection
  • Amazon SEO
  • Metadata audits (for more established books)
  • Book registration (including ISBNs)
  • Optimizing author profiles and websites
  • Changing or updating book release dates
  • Book, author, website SEO