**New 2020 edition**

A directory of more than 250 book reviewers and book review resources.

  1. Part 1: Book Bloggers
  2. Part 2: Blog Tour Organizers
  3. Part 3: Review Businesses
  4. Part 4: Reviewer Directories (new!)
  5. Part 5: Resources

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Slash hours of research time:

  • 174 Book Bloggers: contact information, reading preferences, turnaround time, posting policies and more!
  • 35 Blog Tour Organizers that can help manage your tour: contact information, pricing, additional services.
  • 42 book review businesses: contact information, pricing, and policy overviews.
  • 33 listings for virtual assistants: contact information for author support specialists.
  • 9 book blogger directories, 7 of them free.
  • Includes a quick start guide, outreach checklist, sample email template. Everything you need to immediately begin soliciting book reviews.

This 10th edition of The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages is the only comprehensive source of influential book reviewer profiles and book review guidance available to authors, small publishers, and publicists. This book contains the time-tested guidance you need to zero-in on the reviewers who will be interested in your indie or self-published book.

“When I first reviewed this book back in 2014 I said it was very detailed with a comprehensive list of reviewers. But this new edition takes it to a new level. Not only are their more reviewers, there is a whole new section with book reviewer businesses and lots more helpful information about getting book reviews.”
Christine Sherborne

Publisher, Colourstory Publishing

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