The Power of Pre Teaches Self-Publishers How to Launch Their Book Like a Pro in 6 Lessons

Turbo-Charge Your Book Launch Like a Pro: The 6 Ingredients of a Professional Pre-LaunchThe Power of Pre is found at the intersection of producing a book, distributing a book, and marketing a book.

In less than a week, you’ll learn how these 3 distinct tracks intersect, and how you can use the pre-launch period to help improve the odds of your book’s success.

This course is most helpful if you are thinking of using one or more of these services: CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Amazon Advantage, KDP, Apple, other eBook retailers, or eBook aggregators.


The Power of Pre

Lesson 1: Managing pre-order for print books. POD, or print-on-demand has made it exceptionally affordable for any self-publisher to invest in a print book without making a large financial commitment to inventory (or garage space!).

Lesson 2: Creating ARCs—Advance Reading Copies—is what all the serious publishers do, big and small alike. The good news is that anyone can do this. There are no rules, only best practices, and it’s pretty difficult to screw things up assuming you allow sufficient time in the schedule.

Lesson 3: Using eBook pre-order is now a viable option since it was implemented by KDP more than a year ago. It was recently refined further in a 2.0 release and I’ll explain why that’s good news for you. We’ll also look at the other self-service eBook retailing options.

Lesson 4: Book registration, often overlooked but perhaps most fundamental of all (if you value branding and ownership): ISBNs (International Standard Book Number), copyright and Library of Congress.

Lesson 5: Metadata magic, essentially SEO for books and authors. It’s the key to online discovery where nearly all self-published books are sold.

Lesson 6: Identifying your team, and building an addressable audience. Your contact lists form the bedrock of your highest value marketing options. Mine them for ARC readers, blurbers, launch teams, and most importantly, pre-orders.