Self-publishing success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Self-publishing success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Let’s talk about professional self-publishing:


Producing a book or eBook is not the challenge. The challenge for self-publishers is distribution: making books available to online retailers, brick and mortar stores, wholesalers or distributors. We just don’t have the same options as multi-author publishers.

The good news is that most books are sold online—either from our website, or an online store like Amazon. I talk about the various options and service providers, as well as strategies to mix and match services.

Common Distribution Topics

CreateSpace, Advantage, IngramSpark, KDP, aggregators, ARCs, pre-order, NookPress, iBooks, returns, blurbs.


It doesn’t matter if you are selling movie tickets, or cars, you will sell more books if you have a way to contact people who have already expressed an interest in you and your writing.

One way to do that is developing a social media following. But the better way is building an email contact list.

We’ll go beyond simply culling emails from your address book and talk about editorial planning, influencer marketing, mailing list best practices, blogging and writing guest articles.

Common Audience Topics

Ethical bribes, CRM vs. mailing lists, blogging strategies, online research, email marketing tools (such as Mailchimp), website signups.



Book reviews sell books. In fact, you won’t sell books without them. But unless you are an established author, or someone who has a following, getting those first reviews can be daunting.

There are three sources of reviews available to every author regardless of the size of their personal network (which is always the best, and first place you should turn). Those three are book bloggers, book tour organizers and book review businesses.

Fortunately, I am the publisher of the leading directory for these three sources. The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages has been published annually since 2009 and is now in its 9th edition.

Common Book Review Topics

Paid vs. free reviews, review strategy, book quality, soliciting reviews, reviewer resources, Amazon reviews.



Metadata is the data that describes a book such as the title, description, categories and price. It can also refer to the data associated with us: our social media profiles, photos, even our names.

In an increasingly online world—where self-publishers are on a more level playing field with traditional publishers—we have a chance to search engine optimize (SEO) our books and personal online profiles.

Common Metadata Topics

SEO, Google, optimization, keywords, categories, BISAC, A9, social media, metadata audits, discovery, Amazon.


Book registration—ISBNs, copyright and Library of Congress—doesn’t get the love it deserves by most self-publishers, yet it forms the foundation upon which all books are built.

Registration is where publishing imprint branding begins. It protects our intellectual property and even plays a role in marketing. It is a deceptively simple, but fundamentally important publishing step for all self-publishers to master.

Common Registration Topics

MyIdentifiers, free ISBNs, barcodes, LCCN, P-CIP data blocks, protecting book reviews, protecting printing options, copyright filing, pre-registration, timing.

I am a publisher, self-publisher and founder of a professional self-publishing services company ( I have authored two publishing how-to books, and a popular video course for (LinkedIn Learning).

I’m a technology guy who loves publishing and teaching. I miss my native LA but now enjoy the ocean breeze of Carlsbad, “The Village by the Sea.”

I’m particularly proud of my work for the 1984 Olympics (LAOOC) and Times Mirror (parent of the Los Angeles Times), and as co-founder of an Internet start-up that is still around today (CBS College Sports).

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