Indie publishing has gone pro.

It’s easier than ever to be a publisher. It begins with understanding the pros and cons of using a free ISBN, like that available from Amazon KDP Print. 

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Don’t settle for Amazon’s free ISBN until you read this book.

  • Do you have to create a publishing imprint to publish a book? 
  • Do you need to establish an entity or register a business name if you want to be recognized as the publisher of a book?
  • What are the legal and business considerations? 
  • Where does your publishing imprint name appear in public and industry records? 
  • How do you research available names? 
  • What do other indie publishers do? 
  • What are the risks of using a free Amazon ISBN? 

My Publishing Imprint is your guide to understanding the facts, your options, and the key decisions you need to make before you publish a book. Once made, they cannot be reversed. 

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