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The following products and services are what I use, and recommend, on a regular basis.

99design, book covers, logos, cards and bookmarks
Designers from around the world submit designs for one low price. Book covers, logos, bookmarks, business cards. Click here to learn more. Btw, check out my free training course about how to use 99designs to create book covers for CreateSpace, IngramSpark, and eBooks.
These Microsoft Word templates enable authors to create nicer looking print book layouts than what they can achieve by using the basic Word program. Plus, they are more affordable than hiring a designer. Ideal for the DIY author. Click here to learn more.
BlueHost website hosting
I have used Bluehost to host my websites for more than five years. Great support, great pricing, and options for any budget. Click here to learn more.
ConvertKit email management software
ConvertKit is much simpler to use than Mailchimp, although it does not have a free-to-try option. It is the ideal tool for anyone serious about growing their mailing list. After 7 years with Mailchimp, I made the switch in 2017. Click here to learn more.
10 free days access to all training classes
I have been a Lynda author since 2013 and since then, hundreds more classes have been offered. It is the best online training you'll find anywhere. Click here to get 10 days of free unlimited access to