Pretty Amazon Descriptions

Create attractively formatted Amazon book descriptions using HTML—no coding required!

Short instructions: Paste a PLAIN TEXT version of your description into the editor, format it, click the <> button, and copy/paste the code into your book’s description box in KDP. Here’s an example of a book description formatted using the tool.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. If you write your description in Word or some other program: copy it, and right click in the formatting tool. Select “Paste as plain text.”
  2. This tool is best suited for use with KDP. It can also be used with Amazon Advantage and Apple iBooks (but only after uploading your book to iTunes).
  3. Click the < > button to display your description (you can see the HTML tags). Copy it.
  4. Go to the description field in the store and paste the code. You can edit here if you like but if you make changes to the text, make sure you update your master description.


  1. 99% of the problems you’ll encounter—error messages from KDP or funky looking formatting—will be because the text pasted into the above tool was not plain text. Before giving up, open a text editor (Notepad in Windows, for example), and paste your text there first. Then remove extra spaces and fix any remaining issues you can see. Now paste this into the Pretty Amazon Descriptions tool and format your description.
  2. For additional support, please reference this detailed blog post.