This course teaches you:

  • How to set your eBook up in the Kindle, Apple, B&N and Kobo stores.
  • How aggregators work, and specifically about using Smashwords and Bookbaby.
  • How to use Amazon’s tools for publishers.
  • How to to use eBook tracking, measurement, and analysis tools.

Videos range from two minutes to 13 minutes. Watch just what you need to know, or have time for.

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Distributing and Marketing eBooks, a LinkedIn Learning Lynda Course

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Lynda online learning has been around more than 20 years, and is used by authors, freelancers, students and company employees to keep their skills sharp. You can watch training videos on your computer, or mobile device like a phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere. Organizations that use Lynda online learning

“Hi David! I am so very grateful to you for your response, as well as your courses. I’ve had your voice bouncing of the walls of my home all day. 🙂 Your feedback is a goldmine! Its an uphill battle and every hand that reaches down to help pull me up is like a fresh drink of water in a scorching desert! LOL :-)” Course Rating: 5/5 | Author Rating: 5/5

Tia M.

“This is an excellent course! It details at great length, the path one needs to take when embarking on the digital and print self-publishing journey. Covers all the areas an author needs to know. I feel much more confident going into this arena after viewing this course!” Course Rating: 5/5 | Author Rating: 5/5

Paul S.

“For my needs the limit of the course is that it’s expressly designed for the American bookselling market. I live in Italy and some things are very different. Anyway some suggestions have been very useful.” Course Rating: 3/5 | Author Rating: 4/5

Abrianna G.

“Sure beats all the IM webinars and useless information that’s being sold out there trying to take advantage of new authors. Thanks for solid, actionable info.” Course Rating: 5/5 | Author Rating: 5/5

Kristin E.