The Power of Pre

Are you preparing to launch a new book? Today’s self-publishers have options and limitations that differ from traditional publishers.

The Power of Pre is laser-focused on 6 pre-launch steps available specifically to all self-publishers.

Distributing and Marketing eBooks, a LinkedIn Learning Course is the gold standard in online training and part of LinkedIn Learning. Watch only what you need to know, or have time for.

Even better, choose from thousands of training videos by other expert authors on topics such as WordPress, Facebook, MailChimp and hundreds more courses.

Using 99designs to Create Book Covers for CreateSpace & IngramSpark

Authors love the idea of getting lots of book cover ideas for an affordable price.

This course teaches you how to get the most for your money, and how to use your new cover with the 2 most popular self-publishing printers. (Or any printer, and eBookstores, for that matter.)

8 Topics to Master Before Publishing Your Book

Professional self-publishing begins with understanding your options and a grounding in the fundamentals.

Whether you are considering doing everything yourself, or hiring professionals, this course will help you make informed decisions.